September 9, 2003 16:43 | Travel


Ok I am going to New York City this weekend. I could drive myself but I hate long distance (snooooze...) highway driving. I am considering taking the Greyhound bus, probably the late one the night before I am due to arrive (heh that puts me on the road to NYC on September 11th...).

Can anyone share pros and cons of taking Greyhound bus from Montreal to New York City?



Boris, it's a long and uncomfortable trip. Bring a really good book, food, drink and don't sit too close to the bathroom in the back. The front is usually occupied with chattin' types (NOT the hot-chick kind)... so you deal with that like you want...
The border: be polite, remove all your belongings from the bus and have you papers ready (say that bit with a German accent).'re arriving in NYC on 9-11. Oooooooo ;-)
Have fun!

Don't take the train! have a car...if it was to Toronto or Ottawa i'd say take the train...but there are too many stops along the way on the bus or drive...

here's a trick i heard of...i may be wrong, NYC-ers may have a better trick..but park your car in Hoboken, NY and then take the subway from there....

Vee: Thanks for the insider info. :)

Anders: I knew you were gonna say that. ;)

Warren: Yeah, it's just that driving 6+ hours alone isn't the most enjoyable thing and I figured at least I could do some reading/writing... or sleeping if I take the late night one...

Must still think about it...

Plus if I get a speeding ticket, which is a very real possibility, it nixes the $100 bus fare. ;)


You must choose the evil of two lessers.

Having taken the midnight hellride to and from NYC more times that I care to think about, I am inclined to say drive.

Assuming, of course, that you can find somewhere to put your car in the city and can tolerate route 87 being one of the dullest highways in America.

FWIW, we dropped someone off at the train in Beacon, which is West of 87 at Newburgh, last weekend. I don't know how long the train into the city takes or what there is in the way of long term parking but it's another possibility.

Aaron: Thanks! Calling it a "hellride" sure tips the scales a bit (you aren't the first to refer to it as such). :)

Though still I must wonder is it not worth enduring the hell ride if it saves me the exhaustion and boredom of driving? Gar! Decisions!

I'm staying up around Union Square (Park & 17th), so some natives have suggested parking on the street in the Gramercy area.

Oh, let me state for the record: I *like* driving in the city, far more than highway. If anything I'd take a flight to Newark and rent a car to go into the city!

That's just the kind of contrarian I am, I guess. ;)