September 23, 2003 16:09 | Confession

What a rush

Some folks are getting fired for or because of blogging (and some folks are talking about them).

I, always one to go against the crowd... just handed in my letter of resignation... for blogging.


Hehehe... I think every single person I know is going to say the same... ;)

Congrats! When will you be giving more details? Will you be?

Thanks :)
No details for now... cause there actually aren't any at this point...
"It's just time to move on" I said.

Boris... Congratulations.
If you decide to do some more travelling while you have time, (hint, hint,) know that you always have a place to stay over here...

good effort Boris. I have a long history of giving up perfect(ly) good jobs because of boredom, unhappiness or wunderlust. It's a very refreshing process for the soul.

grab this time by the balls - make shit happen... you won't look back...

gee.. nobody saw this coming : )
congrats ... I'm proud of you.

Jim: thanks! Your offer, hospitality and friendship are much appreicated. :)

Pete: thanks! I too have such a history. This is the longest I have ever let such a situation persist. Never look back. :)

Lisa: hehehe.. yeah how long have a been whining? sheesh. thanks. :)

WOW, you just did what I only dream of doing. Congrats and blog away!!!

Big move! Bravo!
So you're going to concentrate on making blogging lucrative for all of us now? ;-)