September 26, 2003 14:20 | Confession

You know it's time to go when

So finally had a sit down with my "boss-boss", the guy who founded the company and came for me and pulled me into this job over 3 years ago.

My two main responsibilities here were 1- for the R&D department, doing the web-based GUI for our line Wi-Fi APs (usability, design, implementation, etc...) and 2- for the Sales & Marketing department, company webmaster. I had also become a general swiss-army knife for all things graphics and CDs and and and, but whatever. I joined the company for the R&D position; the webmaster stuff was a "complimentary service".

So I am sitting there and he says to me: "... for your R&D responsibilities, we'll replace you with some very junior programmer, but well, we don't have a webmaster... would you be available for adding press releases etc?"

Obviously, these people have no clue. Aw well. 5 more days. And they will be very light days indeed.


whatcha going to do now BO?

I'll know it when I see it, Vee. They say necessity is the mother of invention.. and I'll be necessitating my regular sushi lunches and german cars, ya know... so I best hop to!


you so smart bo-bo
well good on ya

I see exactly what you mean........

What about German lunches and sushi cars?

BTW, michel found the BEST place in China town for Vietnamese sandwiches...they are a dream....

spicy...meaty...and $2.50 Canadian...

Warren: hehehe... for now both will be rarified pleasures.
Which place for the Vietnamese sandwiches? I usually treck down there to Pho Bac for a $4.95 beef soup... Mmmmm... :)

they even have weird veggie version of that sandwich - and the guy will give you a good lecture on the how fish sauce shouldn't be salty (as Michel can verify) ..

overall - for $2.50 .. can't go wrong !!