October 2, 2003 14:30 | WebBlogging

It's not me!

Yesterday afternoon I cought and deleted a strange piece of blogspam. It simply said "Boris rules" and linked to boris[dot]com. First thought was: yay, someone trying to be funny.

Ten minutes later, Joi asked me if I had posted "Boris rules" on his blog... "No of course not". "Hrmm" we both said, and deleted the entries.

"The trees are moving, Joi. The birds are agitated and flying high... something's up..."

I just saw on DayPop that Mr. Boris must have been busy because boris[dot]com and "Boris Rules" is, as of this moment, at #10, already declining.

So, for the record: It is NOT me.


You had that comment, too? I deleted it yesterday. I also thought, damn, Bo is trying to be funny, but the IP address didn't trace back to Canada.

So that makes three of us with the Bo comment spam. Hm...

I had that "Boris rules" comment spammed to my blog as well, just checking here if it's you.. wondering what's going on, then remembered that I once had similar spam posted at my blog from a cybercafe in china.

I left that "Boris rules" spampost at my blog.. maybe will delete later.

I got it too. Actually, been getting quite a bit of comment spam lately.