October 15, 2003 15:55 | Confession

So far so good

Adjusting to newfound freedom is going well. Slowly disciplining myself to stay on track. Slowly changing my work environment to stay on track. Tacking care of loose ends to assure financial stability for the next few months. Dentist appointment. Garage appointment. Get it over with.

Time has pretty much ceased though. I'm even less aware now what day it is than I was before. The last few nights, I've gone out for a glass of wine with a book at 2:00 am, closed my eyes around 3:30 am, and seemingly a second later, opened them to find it is mid-morning again.

What now?

"Jusqu'ici, tout va bien... Jusqu'ici, tout va bien... Jusqu'ici, tout va bien..."


Bastard! You're making me envious. I don't know what you plan to do with the time, but you might want to consider imposing a bit of structure. Otherwise it's too easy to get lazy and have the time just slip away.

I like the "jusqu'ici tout va bien" reference! As a freelancer, I repeat that to myself all the time, while forgetting that I may be falling.

Are you freelancing now, or just on a break?

Hi you two! Thanks.

I am letting time slip away, Blork. But that doesn't mean I am not doing anything. :)

I wouldn't say I am "freelancing". I am "doing stuff". ;)

I wasn't sure if I should put that "La Rage" reference... I don't think I am falling, you see? If anything I am flying. :)

All good!

jusqu'ici tout va bien, mais c'est pas la chute qui compte, c'est l'attÈrissage...