October 18, 2003 18:18 | Confession

Random thoughts

Fall is for opera and classical music on CBC, stone-oven baked pizza and red wine on Laurier, the turning of leaves on Mont Royal, cashmere sweaters and closet-scented scarves. The warmth and glow to stave off the still unaccustomed cold.

There is a big difference between boot-cut jeans and bell-bottoms. C'mon people, the 70's were THAT-a-way! Fashion victims, I tell ya.

My good old friend Roland left for two weeks in Japan today. Amy and boyfriend booked their tickets yesterday. I burn with envy; and restraint.

My lot this autumn, is to tie up loose ends here. Finish work I have left trailing for months, deliver on promises and clean up some messes. Then, and only then, can I and will I decide on what is next.