October 23, 2003 18:59 | Culture

The Late Night Triad

Jason Salavon - The Late Night Triad

From February to August of 2003, I obsessively recorded the major US late night talk shows. This amounts to hundreds of hours of the David Letterman, Jay Leno, and Conan O'Brien programs. From this perspective, the collection can be seen not as a set of discrete jokes and bits and interviews, but as a generalized contour of structure and rhythm.

Focusing on the introduction and monologue, I selected 64 nights worth of material for each show. These have been aligned and averaged using basic transformations of my design, with no other manipulation. The result is a triptych of 3 video projections with soundtrack, presenting an amalgamation of late night monologues which reveal the ghosts of repetitious structure and nightly activity.

Amazing. Watch the "demo of the triptych". I can't watch these shows anymore and here is shown why: it's always the same crap. Over and over and over again. O'Brian especially. Fneh.


I don't watch it daily, but The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is very entertaining. On the Comedy Network at 23:00 Mon-Thurs, and CTV will show it beginning on November 3rd at midnight.