October 31, 2003 21:15 | Confession

Oh... damn... no...

I trashed two backups of my User folder without checking if the Panther Upgrade actually kept all my files and settings. There were indicators that it hadn't; I should have thought of checking. I was hurrying and had had two glasses of wine; I didn't think of checking.

Not the end of the world. Approximately two weeks worth of email and new contacts, gone. Years of ICQ chat logs, gone. My extensively configured web development environment, gone. My extensively configured system and applications settings, gone. A couple of files sitting on my Desktop, gone.

Guess what I'm doing tonight?


Change is good, sure. Timing is bad. ;)



I feel your pain. DVD burners should be a viable method to reduce some of these risks (for at least a few years)... been worried about losing hard drives myself.

Easy large permanent backups (ELPBs?). Next... intelligent backup systems (iELPBs?) (if file changed create archive and burn DVD/CD that produces single-point restore - every backup is a full backup). What's 5$ every two weeks against peace of mind and protection of intellectual property (is your system really gone?)?

Again, sorry to hear it B. :(