November 4, 2003 01:52 | Bits

Layin' low

Not much to report really. I just rebuilt Joi Ito's Web with the new templates I have been working on. I'll be doing the same to Joi's japanese blog soon... maybe even later tonight.

At this point, not only does it look snazzy but it mostly validates. Why mostly? Well, Joi's got over 1500 blog entries (and over 6000 comments), and many of them contain <blockquote>s which are "illegally" used. Going through them manually (no other way) will be a pain in da patoochus

If anyone finds any validity or rendering issues please do not hesitate to let me know!


Great job. Personaly I think there are too many pictures in the right column before you get to the links when scrolling but I guess that's Joi's preference. The only other thing is the hover color for the links, on my laptop screen it's pretty much unreadable, not that bad since it's really just an indication you're on the link but still, I wouldn't mind a tad darker. I like the little 2 column nav at the top right.

It seems the left edge is cut off. The left half of every left-most character is cut off by the left margin. The left margin is there but it seems to block the first half of every left-most character. This is most noticable below the post title 'Enjin 01 open college in Saga'. Indented text is fine.

Win98 IE6 SP1

Patrick: Thanks! I agree.. there are many problems with the navbar. My highest priority was to clean up the markup and do something nice with the CSS. I definitly will be hacking that navbar to bits... I've made th elink hover color darker as well. Good call... an oversight on my part... :)

yonderboy: Thanks for the heads up. I thought I'd fixed that but ... I just updated the CSS.. let me know if it still hapens (remeber to force refresh to bypass the cache...)

The site is very clean. Great article in Fast Company.

Ahah. Much better, love the new color.

b....i see that you want to use the drop shadow..but, the title is already bold enough, i don't think it needs more prominence with the drop shadow, i would either kill the drop shadow or use a less bold font....

Dont like the new design. I prefer text on the right and stuff I dont "have" to see on the left.