November 8, 2003 02:57 | Confession

Somewhere in Mid-Pacific Timezone

That is where I seem to be right now. I wake up no earlier than noon. I do odd jobs, chores, tasks throughout the day. I cook; soups, roasts.. stuff.

Not until around 9pm EST do I feel the clarity of mind to sit down and get real work done. So I do that. Until 4-5 am. Everyday. Some evenings I'll go out for a drink or two. Alone reading or with a friend chatting. Get home and work. Till 4-5 am.

It is just... strange. Despite all the work I actually do get done, the fact that the daylight hours disappear without much productivity, like I am sleeping while awake, just feels... strange.

It's ok. For now.


Funny... I have been thinking about a similar problem... moreover, the inherent lack of routine that comes from not syncing with the world around you. While I have enjoyed many a foray into the wee hours, I have been thrown back by the ìlast night up until 5am, but tonight in bed by 1am, but awake at 8am b/c of a noise, but tired at 5pm, but up until 4am to sleep until 7pmÖ etcÖ

WTF! Somehow I still find it fun and productiveÖ but confusingÖ especially when trying to make plans midday with a ìnormalî... heheÖ ìCan you be there at 11am?îÖ ìUhÖ In a week? Oh, tomorrow? But, butÖ uh, never mind. (yawn) Ok.î

Watched ìInsomniaî special features on DVD and now understand there is a clinical concept called ìsleep debtî, where the body is aware of the tic-and-toc of time and sleep over periods greater than a day. I will investigate.