November 26, 2003 17:05 | Culture / Technology


Kate over at Montreal City Weblog points to some film footage Thomas Edison took in Montreal in 1901.

Watching it I thought to myself: "Could this genius, in his wildest dreams, for one second, conceive that here I would be, a mere century later, watching this footage, probably filmed a mere mile or two from where I now sit, using a handful of technologies that he himself discovered, sparked or improved?"

Looking around me, pretty much everything I see has been touched by Thomas Edison.

Thank you sir!


Tesla kicks Edison in the nuts. It's kinda like Apple vs Microsoft.

do you have another url, the original url the clip was at seems to be down?

Then "Thank you too, Mr. Tesla!" ;)

The Library of Congress links, which as of right now work for me still are:
Montreal Firemen:
Duke of York visit: