December 3, 2003 04:40 | Confession

And on that note

Cleaned up in here. No more violet. Decided not to drive myself batty with color choices, so grayscale it is, with a touch of red.

Four thirty in the morning. Sheesh.

Odd, possibly tangential observation. Three hours ago I was not too terribly interested in listening to anything in my 30+ Gig music archive. I pressed play anyways, on shuffle as always, and for the first time in ages I actually didn't feel the compulsion to skip 80% of the tracks. Either way, time to raid some friend's CD and MP3 collections.


Nice. Your sidebar links, in The Hated IE 6 at least, are falling offscreen to the very bottom of the page: is that intentional?

We should have a listening party. I need to broaden my audio horizons as well!

death to the violet, long live violet !

looking good B - and i'm down for a music party!

Same problem with the sidebar here. IE 6...

I clicked on the tiny photo and then got to the big photo with the long blond hair! Whoa! What a shock!

I want in for a "music party"... let me know?