December 4, 2003 22:14 | Culture

Some small good

I'm not going to get into the politics of Québec's "Office de la Langue Fran√ßaise" (a.k.a. "The Language Police"), but at least there is some small good that comes of it: Le Grand dictionnaire terminologique is one heck of a English-French dictionnary site and resource.

And it now does Latin as well! Hrm.. well it says it does anyways... Oh I see, it looks up latin in specialised terminologies - like law, medicine, etc... - and gives you the french, english, vulgate term... Neat.


Of course, translated English text must be displayed in a font 50% smaller...

Heh, that's my company that built the I use it pretty often, though it's best for finding the official French terminology for industry-specific terms, as opposed to being a generally good all-round English/French dictionary.
But I'll tell my bosses you like it. :D