December 15, 2003 19:08 | Bits

Oh I needed that

I haven't gone jogging since about mid-October. Two months, and I've been feeling it.
As soon as I woke up today (at 2pm) I decided I'd go Up Mount Royal, in the Snow. Pictures!

Especially worthwhile is comparing some of the winter shots with their summer counterparts.

Like these:


I still wonder, why did some crazy people, a few hundred years ago, decide this was a good place to live?! Montreal is beautiful in the summer but hard in the winter.

Then again i feel good today after a bit of exercise trying to dig out my crazy, unreliable car.

It's February that gets me. A few days of this kind of weather is fine and fun, a few months of it is difficult.

I love the comparaisone Boris! I've always wanted to do that,to capture the drastic differences of our seasons. Your photos are a great way to show "outsiders". ;-)

i'm missing my running too. Xmas break beckons though... I shall be out in the (muddy and wet) parks of Brighton building strength again... and suffering for my lay-off...

and I'm extremely jealous about the snow. I *LOVE* the snow!

Boris thanks for the pictures of Duluth. Seeing the name of that city reminds me of a funny incident in the Summer of 1996. I am from the Netherlands and flying is not as common to us like it is for Americans & Canadians. On our way to a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters my son and I were on our way from Chicago to Duluth. The flight was due about 14.15. At 13.45 the plane landed somewhere that I figured to be Duluth. Seeing the woods and the lakes I thought the plane was early and we deboarded with the other passengers. To our surprise the luggage didn't show up. We had left the plane a stop early and needed to wait 5 hours for the next plane to take us to Duluth where our host wondered what happened. So Duluth makes me smile. Still my family teazes me that it wasn't only another airport but even another State. If I am not mistaken it was Montana. This only happens to aliens. :)

Bopuc my apologies for calling you Boris ! :)

This gives me a chance though to let you know how much I enjoyed the slideshows and especially the ones on Toronto.

Love to go there someday. On a return flight Amsterdam - Halifax - Toronto. :)