December 16, 2003 03:16 | Bits / Confession / Stories

Oh I so didn't need this though

Car in Snow, before and after

After the trek up Mount Royal, I came back to see that the signs were up indicating the snowplows would be clearing the side of the street I was parked on, sometime between 7pm and 7am.

So I shoveled it out. Fun fun. But the real work lay ahead. You can imagine with this much snow (snowbanks were at about 2-3 feet), the amount of available parking space is drastically reduced. Add to that the fact that everybody of course wants to park overnight somewhere were they can leave the car till morning. It was past five. The working class was home and had claimed all available spots.

This would be a game of checkers...

So the wait began. The wait for the tow trucks that make three passes blowing sirens alerting the owners of cars still parked on the to-be-cleared side that the plows are coming. Miss the third warning and you get towed and fined. $45 for the parking fine, $40 for the tow.

Nine o'clock, the first siren blows. I get dressed and trudge out. I have a plan. I'll drive down to China Town and have dinner at my favorite Vietnamese Pho joint.

Ten o'clock, return to see that the street has not yet been cleared. Damn. At this point, forget parking: the natives are restless and every spare inch is parked. Plan B: up to Kilo in the Mile End for a slice of cheesecake and (horrifyingly bad) coffee. Desperate times call for desperate measures, after all.

Eleven o'clock, return to see the street has still not been cleared. Damn. What the hell. Ok, run upstairs, grab book, iBook, notebook, pencil and pen. Gonna hope for a space a few streets over and have a glass of wine at Laïka and read. (This is where my logic got screwed... if I find a spot a few streets over, what the heck, leave it there and come home... duh.)

So I actually find a spot a few streets over. I am exactly half way between my place and bar. What do you think I do? Bar. Monday night at Laïka... should be dead, nice and quiet, right? Wrong. Staff party. Dammit all.

The idea that I could just go home still hasn't come to me. It's not because I somehow need to go to the bar. It's the singleminded determination to wait for the street to be cleared and park right in front of my place. I can be severely daft sometimes.

So I trudge to my second home. Two Guinness, one chapter, one good conversation and a smattering of bar-talk later, I figure "Ok it's one o'clock. The have had to have passed by now.

Argh. They are clearing the next street over. Oh well. Park it there.

It is now quarter past three in the morning. There are about 20 clean and clear parking spots outside my door. I will be DAMNED if I go out there and move the car now.



Nice Boris...whata a very efficient shoveller you are. How German of you...

At least I know where to go when I have to re-park somewhere due to snowclearing! It's just two blocks down now, so not bad.

Actually, it's not necessary. If you live on a "rue etroite" or narrow street (as I do - HdV btw Mont-Royal and Rachel), there is no parking for anyone who doesn't have a special sticker (in addition to the regular street parking sticker). People who *do* have such a sticker can park on the left hand side of the street OR even better in one of the municipal lots around. Very convenient and worry-free.

i have a feeling that i had something to do with the smattering conversation... ;)

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! (Smug suburbanite with a driveway talking.)

Hehehe... ACTUALLY, the after pic was taken after I cleared off just enough snow to move the car out of it's tomb and down the street where some other twit had cleared 3 spots...

Mikel: oh the coveted "A" sticker eh? Lucky! ;)

Andrea: well you only hung around for a minute only to be harassed by Murad... ;)

Blork: you are a mean mean person. :P