December 25, 2003 00:41 | Culture / WebBlogging

Content & Relationship

During a "Content" conversation, I was brought to realize that things like "bar talk", "chewing the fat", "shootin' da shit", et al... are Relationship conversations. It was further pointed out that these are just as important as "real", or "Content", conversations, as they build bonds (albeit weak ones often, but nonetheless more or less important).

DUH! Of course! Why hadn't I made the conscious connection?! (Probably because I'm a loner by nature and that despite my quite good socializing skills, I DID spent the first 18 years of my life totally oblivious to the concept of "society" and "community"... )

This adds all the more weight to what I was saying about weblogs... ;)

(sans the Google screed)


"despite my quite good socializing skills"

You misfiled this. Should be under "Humour" ;)

Normally my only conversational wariness is to avoid being "boring". Interestingly, "boring" means something completely different depending on your context:

In a Content conversation, boring indicates that your content is not unique or interesting.

In a Relationship conversation, boring indicates that your personality is not unique or interesting.

It's possible to have a Relationship-based conversation consisting entirely of boring Content, as long as there's a subtext to it that isn't boring emotionally.

Maybe that's the key, then: Content is logic, Relationship is emotion.