January 4, 2004 18:45 | Culture / URLs

Brand memory


An attempt to evaluate the actual power of brands by making Austrian people draw a total of twelve logos (nine international, three typically European) from memory.

Things to note in this:

  • In most cases, if not all, some respondents drew older logos; the brands' previous logos. (Exposure length)
  • Complex "conceptual" shapes get simplified, distilled into simpler shapes and distorted (Mnemonic icons?
    e.g.: Toyota's concentric ellispese seems simple but is quite a complicated geometric image. As demonstrated, this causes distorion to the point where it is confused with Mitsubishi's diamond cluster and Mazda's... thing-a-ma-jig.
  • Simple "conceptual" and representative shapes/images work very well (easily remembered)
  • Logos with a left-right directional bias (text-based logos not withstanding) sometimes get "flipped" in memory.(a mirroring mechanism in memory?)
    e.g.: Lacoste croc, Apple's bite mark, Peugot's lion and the direction of the swirl of Eskimo's heart