January 23, 2004 22:07 | Culture

Wither, Friendster

So, well, wow... the next big thing in "social networks" sites?

These guys basically rolled up Friendster, LinkedIn, Upcoming and probably a few more, into one. So far so good.

Still totally centralised and closed, but a step ahead no doubt. IMHO.


You know what would be a step ahead? If they released a WebServices API to allow other applications to access their data (for a price) so I would not have to rebuild my damned social network whenever a new website with some new feature comes out.

Sooner or later some company is going to figure out the real value is in the social network itself and not how you package it. If one company would concentrate on making a robust, flexible and accessible data warehouse of social networks they'd be sitting in the sweet spot.

Color me unimpressed.

Didn't say it was the Holy Grail Dav.
Don't worry... we'll get there. Wanna help build it?