February 17, 2004 21:19 | Bits / Travel

For the impatient...

First upload to my gallery of California trip pictures. Will do more when i get back home.

Stage two of the road trip (Los Angeles to San Francisco) involved almost plunging into the Pacific off of Highway 1 numerous times, busted fan belt and empty coolant stall in Big Sur, tow truck ride to Monterey, night spent in the van behind a garage, rental car to San Francisco.


All I can say is...what a f*cking drive...I've done it a couple times, and it's always given me perspective on my place vs. nature....

Did you hit the guy in the mountains who charges 3 times more for gas than anyone else? Never listen to him..there is a garage & gas station only 15 minutes down the road!!

Yeah, it's a hell of a drive. I've only done it in the other direction, from SF to LA, but it never fails to impress.