February 24, 2004 16:51 | Culture / Political / Social / WebBlogging

Equal schmequel

Equal footing of social standing on a level playing field is a pipe dream; one that if you smoke too much from will blind you to the malcreants who will take advantage of your torpor to hoist themselves above you.

This applies equally to the current debacle about the "A-list bloggers" as to the state of "democracy" in the world at large, and everything in between.

The ones "on the top" stand on our shoulders. When they forget that, it is our task to shake them down.


Ahhhhh yes the flawed truth of the "meritocracy".

What "current debate about the 'A-list bloggers'"? Current as in the year 2000, maybe?

Touché, Joe.
Your comment also touches on the whole "echo chamber" bemoaning going on.

I gotta say I haven't even sparked my RSS aggregator in over a month... so yeah I'm outta touch I guess. ;)