March 4, 2004 13:50 | Bits / Confession

Skewed logic

Nika: I only blog from work. I don't even have a computer at home!
Aaron: Hm.
Me: If I didn't have a computer at home, I'd kill myself.


Maciej: I'd just go out and buy one...

Does that qualify me for a Darwin Award, or what?!


I'm not sure if it qualifies you more for the Darwins or Maciej for the comeback of the month. Maybe both :)

2- John Poisson

I know this completely isn't your point, but since I think you agree with me, I'll take the opportunity to shout from the rooftops:

"Not everyone in the world has or wants a computer at home and not everyone in the world has or wants a blog and not everyone in the world feels like their life would be complete if their showing in Technorati was higher. But perhaps everyone in the world has family and friends and people that they want to communicate with in a better way. That's what we should talk about more."

(quietly climbing down from the rooftop...)

The internet is just yet another communication medium. No more important that talking, the phone, writing, television or film. It's another way to communicate, not the only way. Maybe the way for some, like some mediums are best based on someone's personal needs and abilities. But the truth is blogging may now be sexy and cool, but only matters to a very small group of people.

VERY small.


That's the funniest comeback I've read in weeks!

JP and WW have good points, but I don' think it's fair to say the Internet is "just" this or "just" that. It is nothing to some people and everything to others. For most of us, it's somewhere in between.

John: Agreed.
Warren: Yup. But...
Blork: Yep, yep, yep.

Glad we can all agree.

Especially the part about Maciej's comeback being funny. :)