March 4, 2004 12:33 | Bits

This phone will self destruct in 10 seconds

Imagine this was your ringtone...

"Oh! My phone!
It is ringing!
I must answer it!"


"Where is my phone?
I must find it!
The song is coming from..."


"Will I make it!?
Will I be too late!
I MUST try!"



That is too funny - especially since "Mission Impossible" *is* my ringtone...
All of the other choices that came with the phone were stupid - especially the ones like Enya's "Carribean Blue" that just make you want to take a little nap rather than answer the phone.
My old phone had a recording of a whistled tune from an old Kishore Kumar Hindi knockoff of a French Chanson. People would occasionally recognize the song, which was especially strange.