March 6, 2004 16:36 | Confession

Schizo Love


This is funny to me on so many levels...


You're an idiot.

Wow. I thought of putting a PC disclaimer saying "not that I think schizophrenia is funny" (cause I don't of course) but I DO find this banner ad which popped up on some news site I was reading, to be oddly worded.

Sorry Jaclyn to have offended you.

That said, who the hell are you to judge me? It is funny to ME on some levels. What do you know about me and my life? How do you know that I am not schizophrenic? Or that maybe, just maybe I have loved schizophrenics?

Folks, we all would benefit from being a bit less touchy!

Having lost a girlfriend who comitted suicide because of schizophrenia, I, for one, wasn't offended a bit. I think B is right, it might be cool if WE all lightened up.

thanks. and I am sorry to hear about your experience. :(

Just to be clear: I do NOT think schizophrenia is funny. At all. That banner, though, does strike me as odd, in a humorous way.