March 24, 2004 17:03 | Bits

Can't wait to pack

Just picked up a new suitcase. (Mine is nicer than the one shown... mostly black with a red trim.)

The little forest green piece of crap I've been carrying around just wasn't cutting it. Besides this new one is almost twice has big and half as heavy (empty anyways).

It is a hybrid soft/hard case. The softpart is Bullet-Proof Ballistic nylon. The hard, ABS. If shit goes down in the terminal, I can duck and cover behind it. Hehehehe. Ugh, horrible thought.

I'd like to think I travel light but the reailty is... heck for a 5 day stay in Austin I crammed that little forest green piece of crap to capacity. Four weeks in Tokyo requires more room. What with omiyage (gifts) for everyone. :)


What's going on in Tokyo?

I could tell you but...


A couple of meetings, some work to do, some hanging out, some eating... Bit of business, bit of pleasure, you know.

Am I lucky or what? ;)

Hey! Found you here last week. Nice stuff! :)

On the serious issue of luggage, I picked up a really nice one from e-Bags last year, 1680 denier ballistic nylon w/lifetime warranty.

Have fun in Japan!