April 7, 2004 11:06 | Travel

Night flight over Tokyo

Shibuya from helicopter
I managed to smuggle my camera on-board a helicopter tour of the Tokyo night sky. This despite being pointed to a locker (where I put my wallet instead) and setting off a metal detector ("oh I forgot my lighter in my pocket!").

The view was, of course, spectacular. We took off from about a half-hour-by-train east of Tokyo and within minutes were circling around Tokyo Tower, swooping into Shibuya and quietly contemplating Shinjuku.

And then, it was over. 14,700 yen I'd spend again.


wow... nice job... great experience!

sugoi, ne?

John, I spent the whole train ride back trying to remember that word (sugoi)!

(Sugoi = japanese for "cool")

Si, si, muy, muy sugoi!!
(It is amazing how my mind cycles through every langugage I know when I am trying to learn/use/remember japanese... It keeps spitting up words in french, german, italian, russian when I query it for something I *know* in japanese... like it is refusing to do so... Very strange.)

sika hyvä!

(finnish for 'piggy good', i.e. the goodest a good thing can get)

any more pictures for those who missed out on it...?

Boris, where was the heliport? I'd love to do this sometime myself...

Wooo! Coolness! Or rather, sugoiness!

Matt: piggy good is pretty damn good, I must concur.

Hi Gen! The heliport was out by Disneyland/Sea... Maihama station on Keiyo Line. I can get you the full info from John. (p.s.: I am here for 3 more weeks... surely we will cross paths... ;)

Blork: yes. way way sugoi. Sadly only 2 of the 5 shots I took are any good. I'll post the other one at some poitn when I am less sleepy (and drunk). ;)

They don't allow cameras? WTF is up with that?

If you're going to do it again, talk to Yuka first - she's at the Belgian chamber of commerce and one of their members does these kinds of flights, IIRC.

Where can I get info on private night tours of Tokyo for my brother and his wife for thier wedding present?


where can i get info about this tour?? do you have an url?

Asahi Helicopter offers such Nightflights. Just visit http://www.asahi-heli.co.jp/ for some more information.

this looks so awesome.

could you please send me some info on how to book this for me and my girlfriend??
greatly appreciated