April 7, 2004 08:37 | Travel

Psst... over here

May I direct your attention over here...

(My mobile photolog. Not fully active yet but I should have a SO505is within the next 24hrs, from which I will be posting like gangbusters.)


I go through a lot of these and have one of my own. A few pieces of advice, link larger images to the thumbnails and try to sharpen them when you change their size. The template is great and not intrusive at all. Finally, if it's going to be a one-a-day blog, you may want to put in the full size image of the day on the top. If not, people will only come once a week or month. A good way to gather traffic is to post comments on the sites that you like and link your best images at weekly meme sites like PhotoFriday and ThemeThursday.

And don't forget to register is at photoblogs.ord

Bonjour Andre.
Thanks. The image quality is not in my control as it is being taken by a keitai and being emailed via i-mode from Japan. The phone actually forces me to take pictures of lower quality in order to send them.

There is no "rate" at which I will be psoting. As things pass before me and I go through the (not so bad) process of sending them.

I will definitly be including the latest at the top of an upcoming total reworking of this site.