May 3, 2004 13:04 | Montreal

The Ville de Montréal is screwing with my jogging route

I'm somewhat a creature of habit, I suppose, and as such, little changes to things I take for granted sometimes leave me... rather pissed off.

Since last fall, the Ville de Montréal seems to have taken two very annoying actions, in the name of security, both of which seriously screw with my exercise regimen.

So, first of all, they have completely dismantled the 212 step monster staircase which leads to the summit. This staircase is a KEY element of my workout. Running up that thing is both the worst and best part of my run.

Now granted, it was in really bad shape, what with 250lb musclemen trampling up and down it everyday for their cardio as well... every week or so another wooden stair would be busted and in need of replacing. By last fall they had tried barricading the stairs but obviously I am not alone in my workout use of it: despite signs and chains and gates, we were always 3 or 4 pounding our way up it.

So, now, it is gone. replaces by a sign saying they'll try to have it rebuilt by the end of the summer. Which is of course, really really really frustrating to me. Not only because of the lost "extra workout punch" but also because it led to the summit park, where I would sit in the sun, tanning and reading. These are very important to me! Now I have to run around the west side of the mountain to get to the summit, effectively doubling my course! Argh!!

Probably for the best I guess. Bastards.

The other thing they did is half-assedly block the median opening at the corner of Parc Ave. and Duluth, where I usually cross to enter the park. Granted it WAS dangerous running across a six lane high traffic street before, but it is even more so now that I have to jump a median!! And I refuse to run up a block and cross at the lighted intersection in front of the statue.