May 8, 2004 03:04 | Confession

A week wasted

I've been back one week now. I had exactly 36 hours between arriving and falling ill. I've had the flu for 5 days. Yesterday I gave in and went to the "clinic". Normally a flu lasts 2, 3 days max with me. One delirious day, one sweaty night, the rest is just minor discomfort. Not this time though. I have been in major discomfort since Sunday.

My natural inclination in times like these is to raise my fist to the sky, shake it violently while yelling "why me, you bastards?!", but eh.. what's the use. ;)

Since the weather has been terrible anyways, I don't feel SO bad about being lamed. However there is a LOT of work, chores and administratavia that did not get done this week, and it is gnawing at my mind.

Ah yes, and my mind... my mind... that thing up here that turns into an utterly useless mass of pudding whenever I get sick.

Useless mass of pudding.

Mmmm... puuuddiiing...

Sorry, where was I?


I'm going back to bed.