May 9, 2004 13:28 | Travel

Aprils at the Tokyo Fun Party

Near the end of my Tokyo trip, I had the privilege and good fortune to hook up with Patrick of Tokyo Recohan. Patrick is a fellow Québecois, living in Tokyo who in his spare time runs this used CD website. I had ordered some stuff from him about a year ago and when he saw my address he emailed me right away: "hey! I'm from Québec too!" Hehehe.

So Patrick invited me to "Tokyo Fun Party" in Shibuya on a Saturday evening. It was held in a 5th floor space called Uplink Factory and it was something.

Being all in Japanese, the subtleties were of course lost on me, but the energy was great and the music, for the most part, loads of fun.

I especially liked the second band, the Aprils. Really sweeping fun uplifting ... er... indy pop? I managed to get a video clip of their performance using my keitai. Check it out.

Ey, Patrick... you have any CD's of theirs? Let me know when the "new one" comes out. :)


Yeah that party was fun! At first I thought we'd be about 10 the whole night, but the place ended up really packed!

I have Aprils' excellent mini album "Astro", and also a few appearances they did on Usagi-chang records compilations and others. I'll let you know for sure when the new album is out!