May 9, 2004 07:11 | Confession

It's over, it's over, it's ooooooveeeer

"Notre Père, qui est aux Cieux, que ton nom soit sanctifié..."
(Our Father, in french)


Seven days of sore joints, of tingling skin, of cold sweats, of confusion and dementia... over! Finally.

The hardware issues engendered by the flu are mostly bearable; essentially a bad cold, right? Sore throat, cough, congestion, etc. Not the best state of affairs but livable. No man, for me, it's the software issues that kill me...

I/O buffer interference.
All my senses go wonky and basic motor skills fall to sub-performance levels. We're talking vision, hearing, balance, speech... let's not speak of taste buds.
Signal scrambling.
Limbo is too light a word, and for someone who long ago lost faith in codification, this situation is doubly maddening. NOTHING makes sense and messages on every level of the system get SNAFU'd. "What did he just say, and why the HELL is that little muscle in my ankle twitching!? Argh!"
Factory reset of all settings.
Most marked this time as this illness hit just as I faced turning back my internal clock 13 hours (read: JST -> EST jetlag), but basically in the space of 24 hours not only was my body slammed back into this time zone, it was also handed the internal clock I lived by when I was, oh, five? In bed by 10pm, up by 6am, with 2-3 pee breaks per night, oh and a nap at mid afternoon. Ouan. And where, pray tell is my mother? I mean, hell...

Anyways, that's all over. Just a bit of hardware issues left... actually, just one. Some sort of infection which creeped down into my lungs. Hopefully these damn antibios I stooped to accept will take care of that. Ugh.

Giant killer bugs, that's what I see. We will all succumb to giant killer bugs.
Helloooo Sunday morning sunshine!


Sorry to hear you got sick. I told ya Montreal is not healthy. But anyway, you're back alive, keep it that way!

Oh, and you forgot the soft reset button (*). Can work wonders.

* also known as chicken soup