May 11, 2004 11:36 | Culture / NewsPundit / Political

Reading the graph

BBC graph of US public opinion re: iraq war
over at Jim Moore's . I read it like this:

The more information leaks out of Iraq, the less enthusiastic the American public is about the whole thing. (There is hope afterall!)

And, look at what was needed for the switch to happen! Unofficial, unsanctioned photos and video being leaked. A few drops of "truth"...

I also read the red line as being the rightist propaganda machine desperately trying to keep a grip on the minds of Americans, fighting hand nail and tooth as the sheer weight of reality pulls down on it.

Shams always collapse. Why despots never learn this lesson is a mystery to me, and a miracle, our ace in the hole...


I support the war in Iraq. I think it is one of the few wars in my lifetime worth fighting. Still I am distressed by the ineptitude of Bush’s people. Cheney was a foolish choice as VP. Rumsfeld should resign. Then the NeoCons like Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Doug Firth, Ledeen and others should be run out of DC. I would advocate firing Elliot Abrams too but I always liked him from the Nicaragua days. Bush has people around him whose first priority is not America. They are willing to spend American lives for the policy goals of a foreign power.

What they need is an exit strategy. The key to Iraq is to restore the Hashemite Monarchy and make a coalition that guarantees the rights of Shia Moslems and Kurds. Instead Bush’s people want to expand the war to Iran.