May 15, 2004 16:52 | Culture

Cinema disobedience

While I loathe linking to BoingBoing, I hafta say I'm with Cory on this one 100%.


"Loathe linking to BoingBoing"?
Dude, like 95% of your site is from there...


Actually, nobody I know in real life even knows what a boingboing is, so I never feel bad about dragging a few gems over to my site. After all, I'm sparing them the torture of wading through the crap.

As for the post in question, I think it's fun, but I give it a month before we see a whiny post about how his cellphone was taken away unfairly...

For the benefit of the viewers at home, this is an ongoing inside joke between Jim and I. No disparaging of BoingBoing or buddy Cory intended! :D