May 20, 2004 15:47 | WebBlogging

After the (MT3.0) dust has settled

Blah blah blah licenses. "W!"

My question is this: is 3.0 any better? And by better I mean faster. Has the code finally really been cleaned up and optimized? Does it run better?

Cause, in all honesty, and I love MT, but hell is it a hog on system resources (or so it seems and so it has been explained to me).

I've got MT running on a bunch of different servers, and on some it is unacceptably slow. Posting comments takes upwards of 30 seconds, rebuilds take for ever, and timeouts happen waaaay too often.

Switching blog softwares is NOT an option. YOU tell Joi to migrate to Wordpress... (Ironically enough, it is Joi's blog that has the most performance issues of all the MT blogs I maintain...)

So, someone tell me: is 3.0 better?