May 20, 2004 20:21 | Bits

Bad timing

It is 8:30pm and I am so hungry I am shaking.

Problem is I decided to do a complete scrub down of my kitchen and the floor is still wet, the furniture still packed into my living room and the sink is full of dishes. So, I can't cook anything.

I can't go out for food because a) it is raining, b) I am dirty and have not the energy to shower, c) I'd have to drive and would lose my parking spot (which means I'd have to wake up at 8am tomorrow to move it before I get a ticket)...

I guess I'll just curl up in fetal position and await death...


Good news indeed! The floor dried quicker than I had expected. So I steeled up, took a deep breath and multitasked, preparing my favorite spicey italian sausage tomato sauce (the pasta is cooking as I type) and doing ALL the dishes.

I shall live to whine another day... ;)


Can't you order a pizza in Montreal? Oops, il y a delivere du baguette, n'est pas?

Hehehehe :)

Order piz... Now why the hell did I not think of that?! Dav, thou art a wiser man than I...

I can hear blork whispering "Ameeeelios..."
(and in all fairness, Stevey IM'ed me the same suggestion... ;)

4- John Poisson

Finally, a story with some fricking ochi.

Why would you have had to drive? You live where all the restaurants are.

If you run out of food you can always eat your mean cat...

mean cat ... very funny comment !