May 25, 2004 20:23 | Political

The F-word in school

No, not *that* f-word...

The Daytona Beach News-Journal: Editorials: Hard lessons from poetry class: Speech is free unless it's critical

A school military liaison and the high school principal accused the girl of being "un-American" because she criticized the war in Iraq and the Bush administration's failure to give substance to its "No child left behind" education policy.

The girl's mother, also a teacher, was ordered by the principal to destroy the child's poetry. The mother refused and may lose her job.

Bill Nevins was suspended for not censoring the poetry of his students. Remember, there is no obscenity to be found in any of the poetry. He was later fired by the principal.

There is something obscene in all this, though. Need I point it out?

Ok. "Military liaison"?


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