May 27, 2004 22:57 | Bits

On my own advice

I awoke this morning thinking of a friend who seems to be at one of those crossroads in his life where the next incarnation of himself is unsure. I thought of what advice I could possibly give him.

Perhaps because of my own current re-evaluation of style and fashion - he is a plain dresser - I came up with this:

I want you to go into any one of the many secondhand clothing stores you can find around here. I want you to find the first piece that you absolutely love, but that immediately makes you think "I could never wear that".

I want you to buy that piece.

Then, I want you to go out for the next three nights, to nightclubs, bars, lounges you've thought you could never go into, wearing that piece.

I want you to do this and remind yourself every time you waiver: "I am not whom I appear to be. I am."

Later this afternoon, I find myself in the men's section of Sisley, confronted by this jacket.

"Oh man," I think, "that is sa-weet! But I could never wear tha..."

So now i have this jacket. Essentially it is very similar to the Paul Smith I bought in Shinjuku: semi-casual pin-stripe jacket. This one is a tad less casual - the pockets are inside as opposed to cargo pocket style like the Paul Smith - being more fitted, more tapered.

Oh, and it is white. Pristine, shining, loud: white.

"I am not whom I appear to be. I am."


Dammit B - now I have to be careful when I wear MY white jacket ... now I have to get another one ... sheesh ... tweed perhaps?

Let's see if you'll dare to wear it at the next Yulblog.

It will depend on my mood... One must be in the right state of mind/being to wear a piece such as this, otherwise it wears you, and the effect lost.

One way or another, I'll have to see it.