June 7, 2004 22:28 | Bits

Mi-Ne no longer


In a quiet backstreet of Kyoto, after visiting a temple there last year, I came across one of innumerable cigarette vending machines. My eye was caught by the aesthetic beauty of a single pack displayed. A bronze box, silver edges and black, brush-script kanji. Mi-Ne.

How could I resist?

These have been my favorite brand for almost a year now. I've had people bring cartons from Japan for me, burdened fellow conference goers to set me up... I jammed 3 of em in my carry-on on my last return.

I've given away many of them. Packs to friends, singles to pretty ladies. Everyone agrees they are tasty and the pack, oh the pack, is so damn sweet.

Japanese who see me smoke them laugh out loud. They ask me "why do you smoke these?! Only gamblers and prostitutes smoke this brand! They are old people cigarettes. And heavy!"

Yeah... I was disheartened to learn they pack 12mg of tar each. I'm feeling it right now... The weight in my lungs.

So that's it. That's the last one up there. Sayonara.


u r the first person that i hear that enjoyed those cigarette. i sent them to my parents in italy and my father after the first puff said
"stava meglio chiuso" ( roughly --> "it was better when it was closed...")

glad for u u stopped anyway.


Last Mi-Ne or last cigarette, period?

Lo: Hehehe. :)

Martine (and everyone else who's been asking): last Mi-Ne. For now.

I know I know I know... ;)

4- Pravin Shaw aka (PerveeZy)

Mi-Ne is the best cigarette's i have ever smoked. I too was taken in by the attractive elegant box while in japan. I couldn't read what it said so thas why i got it... are you sure they are 12mg each?? i heard they are less than most cigs. Well anyway all my friends loved them and agree that it is the best that is out there, even better than davidoff's... the ladies love them too and they are hard to come by as they are not sold in america. So if you wanna be the pimp of the party and have all the girls on the jock, you should pick up a pack of Mi-Ne's... worst come to worst you can always slang em, i kno i'd buy some

Exactly!!! :)

(yeah, it says so right on the pack: Tar: 12mg... which after actually checking on a bunch of other brands is not so high...)

Mi-NE is the japanese name for those cigarettes they're actually called fong or peak in english they are really a Taiwanese brand. However they are still pretty damn good, a more elegant Mild Seven in my opinion.

Does anyone know if you can get them sent to the uk? x