June 13, 2004 21:58 | Montreal

In Memoriam

With heavy heart, I sent the following email to some of my fellow YULBloggers (Montreal Webloggers):

Last fall we had the pleasure of being introduced to Andrea "Space Cadet / Piglet Posts" who had joined our little community of Montreal bloggers. I had met her through some friends the previous summer and had encouraged her to start a blog. She did so, but graced our monthly get-together only twice as an active blogger, having stopped due to the burdens of school and work. She had promised to come back, and even stopped by La Cabane last May at the urging of some of us who had befriended her... and missed her.

It is with great sadness that I must tell you that Andrea lost her life in a tragic automobile accident this past Friday night, while vacationing in the south of France.

A shy yet brightly radiant young person, to be remembered.

I suggest a toast and a moment of silence in her honor at our next first-wednesday.


I didn't know her all that well. Barely a year. We had a few laughs, some good times, and all too few conversations. However between the first time I met her - sitting in a booth at Blizzarts with Keith and Ari after a Bar-B-Q at Keith's - and the last time we chatted in line waiting for our café au lait at Open Da Nite, I did notice that she had a renewed spark in her eyes and spring in her step. She seemed happy and had found some direction. It made me so happy.

While the pain and disbelief, shock and anger, are still fresh, in the face of so senseless a loss of life, I entreat us all to remember this:

Our time here is not only short but in no way guaranteed. One of us is next. It may be you and it may be me. Just as Andrea was just beginning to start her new life, so must we all make sure to get up tomorrow and continue, or begin ours. Let no moment pass where we are at least content, and working towards reaching our hopes and dreams.

Otherwise, all really is without meaning.

Some others who took a moment to remember Andrea in their webogs:

Nika Vee

Also, a snapshot of Andrea's Friendster profile. (~250k JPEG)


It's highly unlikely that I'll make the next first-Wednesday ... :( Please toast on my behalf.

I only met her a handful of times and we spoke with each other directly very little but I enjoyed reading her posts. I found her to be a funny, intelligent, thoughtful young woman whose presence will obviously be missed by all who knew her well, or even just in passing. My condolences to her family and friends as well.

This is sad, I'm touched half a world away. Condolences to all.

I believe it was an Israeli poet who wrote "The soul is a search; the soul is a dance of searches for whatever is lost."
I did not know Andrea and I will never meet any of you. Her brief dance on earth has been enhanced by her interacting with you bloggers. She is forever thanks to you who made this little notation somewhere on the walls of the vast Internet. Peace, Andrea, peace!