June 21, 2004 15:56 | Culture

Aprils in Montorio-Ru!

Aprils online (English)

Oh yay!!! This the band I saw with Patrick in Tokyo! July 9th in Montreal! Doesn't say where though ... In fact, it is "unconfirmed".

Hm. I have emailed the organiser. I may be able to "confirm" a stop. :)


Actually Montread doesn't have an asterisk (if it would, it would mean not confirmed), so it means it's confirmed, I guess. :)

I hope you can go see them! :) And you should go tell them that you saw them at Uplink Factory!

Btw, nice new layout!

Yeah I noticed that afterwards... The Aprils' website has no asterisk, but the Par Avion one does...

Thanks (re: layout). It's sorta temporary... just needed a quick change. :)