June 30, 2004 17:39 | Confession / Social / WebBlogging


I finally went out and got a cameraphone. Well, it's actually way more than that but anyways.

So I have begun "moblogging" like a fiend. You may have noticed. I am sending pics to both my own MT-based MobiLog AND to my super cool neato Flickr account (which appears in the navbar here).

Now, I want ALL OF YOU to start moblogging too. If you have a cameraphone, go sign up for a free Flickr account and get into it. OR, better yet, email me and I'll send ya an invite and get you going... One of the many cool things about Flickr is we can all share and see what the other is posting and be kept up-to-date...


Kewl! I was checking those out just last week (online). Who provides service for those? (Rogers?)

A buddy of mine has the P800, but the P900 is supposed to be way better. Can't wait to see it!

Hi Ed,
Fido sells and services them, "carrier locked". You can however buy them unlocked from various sources (I found it at little cellphone store next to the S.A.T., as well as a guy selling online in toronto) and you can then have it activated on either Rogers or Fido.

I ended up just getting it via Fido (again, carrier locked) cause they actually had it in stock and being locked saved me about a hundred bucks.

"Way better" is relative. Performance wise I heard the P900 is just a tad faster (and that's not saying much... I'm sad to say it is a bit clunky...) and the form factor/design/color is, well, yeah, way better... ;)

That said, it is a PDA that happens to do phonecalls and GPRS data connections. It's overkill for most people, for sure... for now... ;)

My main reason for getting it was the handwriting recognition. Typing with my thumbs on pin head keys is not optimal for me to record my thoughts...

I will soon be setting up a "moblog" just for notes.. or maybe integrating the whole shebang into one weblog, cause, realistically, why should I have separate sysyems running based on what device I am using to input content?