July 7, 2004 02:13 | Bits

Take me home

The weirdest thing about this is that the marketing company that came up with this silliness is located two blocks from where I live.

The bottle reads:
"My values are those of a generation that has taken control of its existence and future."


At least it *looks* good...


Love the little Bopuc on the side running with his Blogger flag!

Tried it -- sad to say it was a case of all packaging, no taste, unlike ze real Boris...

The idea to reduce packaging is nice, but it isn't really practical; one of the uses of the beer case is also to return bottles and cans to the store en masse, and the odd shape of the box makes it almost impossible to put the bottles back in afterwards without a lot of manual stacking...

If they were smart they'd develop interlocking bottles that form their own case with a clip-on handle...

Actually, I kinda liked it. It's a light and refreshing lager, nice for hot days.

I assume you noticed that the bottles are only 250 ml (as opposed to the standard 341 mi, or the European 330 ml). That makes them nice for when you just want a quickie but not necessarily a full beer.

(I can't believe I just said that...)

Interestingly, Molson has come out with 250 ml cans that they call "cold shots." We seem to be on the verge of a "mini-beer" fad, which I think is linked to the whole "low carb" thing.

So you now have two choices when it comes to low-carb beers: (1) one of those dreadful low-carb beers that have sprung up this year, or (2) a smaller quantity of regular beer, via these new mini-beers.

The packaging (cardboard design/enginering) is the same as in France. It looks very similar to Kronenbourg (France's number 1 brewer I think) or Kanterbrau.
From the taste, I am also pretty convinced it comes from Kronenbourg (it's also Alsacian, based in Strasbourg or should I write Strasburg?).

(all those German names and prononciations always remind me of someone in Quebec, mentionning Toulouse with a German prononciation: Toulhaus! héhé!)

It tastes like the good old Kro! I will have to check it in depth, but last time I could find much info on its provenance.

I am always amazed by people drinking their fancy european Heineken with snob manners.

Hey! That's the cheap beer we used to drink to get drunk in Europe! it's Europe's Labbatt blue/molson dry, etc

(I have to say that the same thing happens in Europe with Bud...)

I don't like beer much (yeah, I'm such a girl, right?) but the Boris was the only one I was able to finish! Probably because it doesn't taste like beer very much... But the size is perfect for me. Doesn't have time to get warm until I finish it. And Boris, we toast to you every time we have one! ;-)

Patrick: :D
AJ: I had no problems putting the bottles back in the case... And I think the small size is for novelty sake...
Blork: interesting theory...
Raoul: The european brewer is actually Karlsbrau. As for "Heineken snobs". Yawn. Yes, well aware. However when i (shudder) find myself in one of these god awful nightclub/bar/shitboxes that only serve Molson or "Imported" Heineken or Corona, my best bet is the Heinie.


Martine: I VERY rarely drink beer. Don't like it all that much either. And this stuff actually made me ill the next day...


True! I just checked on the internet.
Brasserie de Saverne/Karlsbrau


I was wrong, it's not Kro (but the red and white colors+ and form and color of the bottle are very similar).

I should do a side by side test.

When I can only get molson/labbatt, I try to get the farmer' beer, such as Laurentides. or anything extremely 'non-fancy' for the fancy side of it.