July 28, 2004 16:38 | Confession

Feeling quite smug

like a bug in a rug...

Two white nights working on this here weblog design. IE bugs yet to squash (of course), but whatever. Sorry.
I love it. You?

Downloaded and watched Miyazaki's "Kaze no tani no Nausicaa (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds)" in preparation for going to see his classic "Porco Rosso" which is running at the Fantasia Festival. Beeeeautiful.

Right now I am sitting in a trendy bistro/bar on St-Laurent. Just read Joi's research topic description (pdf). For a multitude of other reasons, Tokyo is on my mind. I am thinking, nay dreaming, of this: in September hang out in Linz & Vienna for a few days and a few weeks in Berlin. Then jump over to Tokyo for October and November. Come home for December and then maybe three months in Austin Texas. That'd be nice.

I've also been thinking alot about "sharing" lately. Not in the "Sharing economy" sense, but in the communication between me and the people around me sense. The redesign here reflects those thoughts and is in heavy further development. Stay tuned for video snaps and audio posts. Maybe more. I'll expand on these thoughts later.

Coffee is finished. I go home now.


Having been to both Ars Electronica and Burning Man, I can tell you that YOU"RE CHOOSING THE WRONG FESTIVAL!


p.s. nice design.

Hey Dav. Thanks!

What, you mean I should go to Burning Man? I dunno. It doesn't really speak to me, ya know... Not my kinda thing I think... My loss, entirely, for sure.