August 6, 2004 20:37 | Culture / Political

The poets

Armed with poetry
poets lurk
streets and shoes
skirts and sun
poets lurk
armed with poetry

with lyre and
poets yell into a
sea of heads
bobing across
below the
shadow of the
all seeing buildings

armed with poems poets lurk
inside large rooms
conventions and stalk
armed with poems
words as pierceing
bits of glass
upon the skin
of knowing

that poets are armed with words...

Found in the comments of another blog. If someone knows the original author, I'd love to know.


my poem;

we are working a publication titled sousveillance with professor steve mann from the university of toronto. we are interested in submissions on the topic of inverse survaillance.

thanks for liking my poem: it is part of a larger piece i am writting with sarah smiles.


I also like the poem. I wonder whether the misspellings (rhythm, bobbing, piercing) are on purpose, and if so, why.