August 13, 2004 00:46 | Confession


Non-stop now for the last 2 1/2 weeks. Sleep, work, eat, jog, work, sleep.

Thought I'd share quickly a few of the sites I've touched recently (the one's I can and want to show ya, that is...)

Extreme Democracy
Jon and I were IM'ing about... well... democracy and politics and culture, and before I knew it I was in on some email back and forth between he, Mitch Ratcliffe and Adam Greenfield about a new logo Adam was knocking out for them. Looking at the site, which Jon put up really quickly last night, I asked if they'd mind a clean up. I'm up to my eyeballs in other work, but this would actually be fun. So I spent this evening on that. I'm quite happy with it, and thank the guys for the opportunity.

Worthwhile Magazine
Halley Suitt hooked me up with the fine folks at Worthwhile and they've been clients of mine since about May. Today we finally hooked up the subscription stuff and the mailing list. Still some kinks to work out but it's all good.

Let's see.. what else...

Good friend Karl redesigned his "carnet web" and I made a suggestion or two. It's always the most fun when it's for friends. :)

Long time friends and clients, the boys wanted a redesign, so they got one of the partner's brothers to do the graphic design. He did a great job, not only with the look but in chopping up the templates so I just had to go and pop in some images and change some CSS. More or less. Not done. Big site. Probably looks wonky in some browser... yay... ;)

Erskine Bowles for U.S. Senate
Matt Gross, of Howard Dean's weblog fame, asked if I'd give him a hand with some Movable Type setup and template work. Happy to oblige!

Of course, also good friend Joi keeps me busy with his requests... as well as side projects. I'd tell you more but I'd have to kill you. ;)

Oh and... the pressure is on... This will be fun too!

At the moment there are... 3 other projects in various states of completion, or at least readiness. A ways to go!

12:45am and an email from a client just appeared in my Inbox. Back to work!


You run? Are you training for anything in particular or just for your health?

I'm also a runner. Just good to know there are other Montreal blogger/runners out there.

I run too. Away from that infamous MISH-MASH super-duper breakfast they serve at COSMOS on Sherbrooke st. in NDG... Ever been? It'd make a great photo for your FOOD section.

I haven't run since.. oh... early October. I am a total wuss. Running in cold air gives me insane headaches. :(
I'm actually looking at joining this cheap gym nearby just to do cardio stuff (rowing machine, treadmill - noooooooo! - stairmaster - up, up ,up to nowhere! - etc)
i have heard of the legendary Mish-Mash and Cosmo's but never been. Sounds... dangerous... ;)