September 4, 2004 11:14 | Confession

This should be good

Still wobbly from three days of flu (again...), I am about to leave for my best buddy's wedding.

Due to the fact that I could barely see straight the last few days, I am stuck making due with what is left in my closet.

Damn. Forgot I threw out all my white shirts...
Damn. Forgot I kept these terrible suits I bought 30lbs. ago...

Oh Anders & Natalie.. forgive me for showing up however I will show up.
(T Minus 30 minutes to departure and I have NO idea what I am going to wear. I feel so... so... argh!)

I shall bear the shame of a patchwork wardrobe. Lots of nice pieces, few working together... at least not as formal wear.
Oh and I have NO ties. Sweet.

Update: And angels sing...
With 5 minutes to go, I glance over at the pile of clothes sitting on one of my kitchen chairs. It is a pile of stuff I inherited from my dad 5 years ago and that I had put there 6 months ago for delivery to the Salvation Army.


With M85 playing "In Church" on iTunes, the skies clear and I see a vision. Oh yes.
Now, black and blue and VERY hard to mix but, I think I may just pull this off with sheer "gooood cut"...
Black slacks, fit like a glove.
White Paul Smith shirt, textured light/dark blue ring stripes (hard to explain, bought in Shinjuku). I look like a runway model in it. ;)
Daaaaaark blue Nino Cerutti jacket my dad bought at TipTop probably sometime in early 80's, with dark red and grey pinstripes.

I will either look retarded. Or fit in with all the other hipsters... ;)

Off I gooooo! Watch the photolog!


common ! photo of this suit please !! ;-)