September 13, 2004 04:17 | Confession

Easily distracted

Despite my best efforts, I had quite a productive weekend avoiding doing the work I needed to do!

Macs were big on the agenda the last few days as I prepared and delivered my old G4 PowerMac to my friend Kim, fixed Ms. S's, and reinstalled Panther from scratch on my Powerbook. I wrastled with hard drives, "Apple to VGA" cable converters, USB chain issues, corrupted MBOX files and other such monsters.

The plan as I awoke today was to work on a certain site... oops, I need to rebuild my local dev environment! Download and install PHP and MySQL, yutz with my httpd.conf... Ohhh look! BBEdit 8.0! I need me some of that! Wow, I am hungry.. I should get some food. Café first. Bah, I don't feel like eating out. I'll just get some groceries.

And what do I do then? I make chicken stock, so that tomorrow I can make a leek and potato soup. Oh yes.

With the dishes done, the laundry not done, and the apartment half vacuumed, for some god-unknown reason I attack my MP3 archive. It just sorta "took me". It's again 4a.m. and I realize that I have more MP3s than anything else in the world. In terms of hard drive space, my archive takes up twice as much as my entire system, applications and files of all stripes. As I type, my unsorted/uncleaned "pile" of music weighs a whopping 32Gig. The cleaned up ones weigh in at just under 20Gig. To put that in perspective, those cleaned ones were cleaned slowly but surely over the course of YEARS. I think I shall give up on organizing my music... ;)

Sigh... and I am navel gazing here again. :p