October 19, 2004 02:16 | Bits

I'm an Iraqiii in New Yooork

Truly silly IM conversation with friend Steven who is of Iraqi descent. We often joke like this, tongue firmly in cheek, well aware of how sad it really is...

Sv: going to NYC on friday
Me: nice! what for?
Sv: "get away" ;)
Me: sweet!
Sv: just for the weekend
Sv: need to clear my mind... haven't been myself lately
Me: stay away from times square then... surreality ground zero...
Sv: hehe yeah i know... i want to redo my cityscape panoramics, get a 360° of the city from the empire state
Me: "hey, you! arab boy... whatcha doing takin pics of NYC from up here??"
Sv: hahaha
Me: :p
Sv: "Canadian is thrown off Empire State Building after bloody misunderstanding."
Me: erch
Sv: You just have to know how to handle these security-guard types...
Sv: Wear a big puffy jacket with your arms inside, and run in circles yelling "ALAHUU ACKBAR!!!!"
Sv: :D

Hrm. Maybe I shouldn't post this...