November 5, 2004 17:48 | Sing-along

K-Os, speaking much troof

K-Os: Joyful Rebellion

Love Song

This is not a lovesong
It's a sonnett
Damn if feels good to have people up on it but
I'm just a fool playing with the masters tools
Learning how to break the rules of this record company pool

Hallucination - I see with my eyes
But my heart's telling me lies
Why do I fantisize?
Why am I telling lies to the people from the stage
Pretending it's all good when inside it's fire and rage
Cuz I can't understand how a man lives off the life of another man
Tryin to pimp the universe - that's a joke
I stay rockin the boat down on my last note
It's murder she wrote
Assassination vocabulary
I see your termination is heavily necessary
I should have known - they do it for funds alone

I do it to break the walls if I fell off then let me know people

It's funny how life can go
First you ride high then you might lay low
Don't get high off your own supply
Someone said first before a four comes five
This is my message to the world
Just tryin to reach every boy and girl
Not tryin to say if it's right or wrong
This is not a love song


It's easy not to care what people say
It's harder to pretend and try
Cuz they can only love you from yesterday
I'm looking at the now they pose high
I'm just a man who's walking
They stand around and keep talking
They tried to clip my wings
But wisdom fills so many things
Say it again
I'm just a man who's walking
They stand around and keep talking
They tried to clip my wings
But wisdom fills so many things

Emcee murdah

We've just landed
Alright send a search party out
Duh, don't get caught up on this planet man
These humans are crazy
Just don't even show them your micrpphone
Cause then you know what?
They wanna give you a record deal and then
You end up dead you know what I mean?
It's like body snatchers
But you know what?
We love hip hop
Stop, please stop please
Okay here we go

[Verse 1]
Holding my raps
Olden is golden and black
Extolling virtues of rap
With monkeys riding my back
I see them falling
Doing commercials and balling
I'm not a hater but she's closing the gate
And we stalling
Woke up in the early morning
I heard a voice that showed me the things to come
And told me I had a choice
To build it 300 cubits by 50 cubits
Driking thinking I'm stupid but deep in my heart I knew it
Money and fame could lead to emcee murder
You think you can escape but you can't take it any further
You call it writer's block
But you stop cause the vine is empty
Hip hop's not dead, it's really the mind of the emcee

It's all around me
It's emcee murder
Though God has found me
I thought I heard the
Sound of a thousand angels
It's the sound of danger
Know myself but I'm still a stranger
Emcee murder, emcee murder (oh)

[Verse 2]
I'll be damned if I do
And damned if I don't
My soul won't allow me to fake on the phone
Rocking the chrome
Another seed gets sown
Anonymous, I'm hailin from parts that's unknown
I looked to the heavens above to spread love
But emcees keep faking hoping to make the bacon
Matters mistaken, cause who we are is not physical
Bury mystical with the mind non typical
But, they want the cash flow
They steady scheming for the number one spot
These emcees they won't last though
I really feel somebody's watching me
From the third the star and telling us who we are
In this universe we like a speck of dust
You can't expect to trust man is living for the lust
Everbody wants the eye in the sky to come and save us
But maybe, the planet itself will terminate us


Took a trip on a bus that I didn't know
Met a girl selling drinks at the disco
The truth comes back when you let it go
Seems complicated cuz it's really so simple
Walking down Yonge Street on a Friday
Can't follow them, gotta do it my way
No fast lanes, still on the highway
Moving in and out no doubt there's a brighter day

No time to get down 'cause I'm moving up
No time to get down 'cause I'm moving up
No time to get down 'cause I'm moving up, ah-ah
Check out the crabs in the bucket

It's like flies on the windscreen writing on walls
Square these clones claim they're having a ball
Blaming themselves just before last call
Tic-a-tic-a-toc, tic-a-tic-a-toc
Clock strikes twelve, clock strikes one
Smoking Gun put these fools on the run
I know it's not that simple, I know it's not that hard
Where to go


You know what I mean? Yeah, I heard ya, man.
Yo check it out:
Yeah, it's a conniption fit on the microphone lit
I take it higher like a bird on a wire
Retire the fire, I never 'cause I'm just movin' on up
Choosin' to touch the unseen, cravin' the clutch
The most inevitable legible pyromania
Slayin' the devil and sending them back to
Strangely enough I uphold that side as ghetto
From my heavy metal, will settle the puppets like Gepetto
Damn if mirrors were created by sand
Then I'm looking in the water for reflections of man
Understand the minds above time when it's empty
MC tragically hip ahead by a century