November 9, 2004 18:51 | Culture / Technology

What is Apple doing with all that money?

fine italian pro...

Obviously not fixing their SpellChecker...


Maybe they're trying to tell you something.

lol. Oblivia... maybe.
But He has to know if it's a destination recommendation or a business recommendation.

Karl, I think its both!

ahaha Oblivia. Gorgeous. Hmmm Montreal is THE city of escort girls. so for the destination, no problem, for the business... it might be hard time... hmm hmm

Tsk tsk tsk...

Who said anything about girls?

Yes it might become an escort boy or create an agency of escort boys. :)

Oblivia, I wonder who will be the main customer... and I wonder if he's making discount for his friends :p

HE might become an escort boy? Gee. I dunno, Karl. But - then again - you know him better than I do.

I like this agency idea though. I know for a fact that there is a market for it. Perhaps, instead of a discount, he should have a loyalty ("your tenth visit is free") program like the Second Cup? Repeat business is the true foundation of a viable enterprise, after all.

It could be called "The Army of Lovers".

What the hell are you people talking about?

(heh, it poped up "prostitute" again.. sheesh...)

Yes, yes, of course. Karl, we're getting off topic! What IS Apple doing with all that money? Investing in a quiet little Montreal-based, "professional services" start-up called "The Army of Lovers", with any luck.

I hear their prosciutto is to die for.

hihi :) Ok I volunteer to help with all my... resources to start the agency :D

See? There is an untapped niche market here worth exploring I tells ya...