November 11, 2004 00:21 | Confession / Cyborg / Technology

As I was saying...

I finally got down to doing some work I've been putting off for weeks.
I haven't received an e-mail or IM request in about two hours. Perfect.

I decided to quit Mail, then iChat, then Proteus.
Ok, I can DO this.

Then I quit NetNewsWire.

All of a sudden, I felt very, VERY alone. Anxious even.
"But... but... what if..."

I'll just start iChat back up... just in case, you know...


You just have to see my face in the buddy list, huh?

You can get ichat/Aim on your P900 Symbian phone... just in case... you know... ;)

Installed looong ago. :)
The problem with that though is that Symbian, at least on my P900, is not multitasking. In other words, I can't leave Agile Messenger running while I do other stuff. It's one app at a time. Which is retarded.
This effectively turns a device that is supposed to be able to do a bunch of thing in to a device that can do a bunch of things but only one at a time. Useless.

Well not totally useless, but yeah, no way I can just leave it running all the time. :(

soo ... how long did you make it ? like 30 minutes ?
you're such a slave to the traffic light (or IM protocol) ! ;-)

Once upon a time, a Montreal city girl decides to go up north by the countryside for the weekend to breathe the fresh air and get away from all the noise and gadgets that invade (in a positive way) her life, only to find that once secluded, the only thing now missing is... the internet connection.

End of pathetic story. Any ressemblance to actual people or events is purely coincidental.

PS: I got over it and spent the weekend running, reading and relaxing.

look at the subheader of your blog - says it all.

5 minutes back in my apartment from France, Mail and Adium are restarted and IRC. :)

Another pathetic story ;)

Steve: 45 seconds. :\

Eve: I think it is contextual. I can go out and do stuff (go out party, hit the road, spend all afternoon on the mountain) without "withdrawal symptoms". But when I feel I "should be online" and I'm not, get antsy...
I often compare the feeling to what I imagine Mac OS goes through when it tries to find a network mounted drive after you pull the the ethernet cable... ;)

Caroline: Bingo! Exactly.

Karl: mahahaha... I am flattered that you check my weblog first thing as well... :)

uh, i would never have been able to admit such a thing. even to myself... ;)

So yeah, here's my confession i guess.. I do also feel like something's missing when i am not online.. (oh yeah, sure everyone's missing my face on IM.. ;)

don't like to write this, but i am a geek - addicted to all these gadgets my pals wont ever understand why i do spend so much time with.. The feeling of being connected with the rest of the world, even at 3 am, is kindof necessary now.. Yes, i can disconnect from everything, for some hours.. but not having an internet connection for more than 24hrs can become real difficult.. I get over anxious etc.

So yeah, thanx for sharing about it and helping me admit my weakness i guess..